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The "Helvètes de Genève"

Les Helvètes de Genève : 2004

Rugby, vehicle of passion and solidarity, is meant to last for ever or at least continue beyond the emotions of a day, a season or a sports career. The “Helvètes de Genève” is the personification of such a state of mind.

Founded, at the initiative of veteran rugbymen of the “Greater Geneva” and the “International Geneva”, they represent the essence of Rugby, over and above the “club” or “village” considerations. Hosting openness and integration the “Helvètes de Genève” movement, more than a simple team, strives to inspire the rugby family willing to express through regular practice of veteran rugby the true emotions of this inspiring team sport.

Just like the French Barbarians or the British Lions, the “Helvètes de Genève”, abiding to veteran spirit share the pleasure of regular rugby as well as participating in prestigious international tournaments. The Golden Oldies (Toulouse 2001) or the Vintage Rugby Carnival (Limerick 2004 and Buenos Aires 2006 in preparation), amongst others, are the favourite playgrounds of the Geneva rugbymen. Played with specific rules these games always demonstrate with warmness the true rugby spirit.

It is thus with non-concealed pleasure that we convey you to join us, or at least to tour with us these pages in which we let you discover information and the world of the “Helvètes de Genève”.

Contact : info@helvetes.ch